How It Works
We use a blend of detailed market analysis and local expertise to determine a price point for your unit. Here’s what the tool uses as it evaluates your unit:
We pull data from recent transactions, current listings, and withdrawn listings in your area to determine the initial price range.
We’ll take into account the specific details of your unit, such as location, size, and floor.
Based on what’s sold and what hasn’t in your area, we’ll determine the “sweet spot” to price your unit at.
MyHomeValue™​ is a free, convenient, and highly accurate price estimation tool. It’ll also give you key insights into the current market so you know how to position your property accordingly.
Identifying a definitive price point can be challenging even for those with experience. Our research tool does the heavy lifting for you by diving deep into the market research.
We’ll outline all the comparable units in your area. This way, you know exactly what your competition’s got and how to make your unit stand out.
As units are sold and prices change, we’ll send you the most up-to-date estimations of what your property is worth. Easily keep track of the rental and sale value of your home.
Why Use Us
Figuring out what your home is worth can be a costly, time-consuming affair. Not only will each report set you back several hundred dollars, but the figures quoted can differ with each one.

Our free tool ​eliminates these headaches by doing the work for you. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and have your property’s ​MyHomeValue™ price estimation sent to you.
Our tool is 100% free to use. No strings attached.
We outline the methods and research used to generate your MyHomeValue™ price estimation. This way, you know exactly how we came up with the results.
Our AI tool uses only verifiable data from multiple sources. This ensures that you’ll get the most accurate quote possible.
Paid vs. Free Property Price Estimates
You might be thinking: why pay hundreds of dollars for official price valuation when I could use a free tool online?

The main reason is the official requirements of the price estimate. However, a valuation report from a professional appraiser is time consuming and costly.

1.   If you need to present the value of the property in a court of law, for example, you’ll need an official appraisal by a licensed individual or firm in Singapore.
2.   Taking out a loan from a bank will also require you to go the paid route.

That said, if you’re primarily looking to sell your property, MyHomeValue™ is an excellent way to get a gauge on market pricing. Rather than trying to guess at how much your home is worth based on all the current real estate listings, our research tool pulls verifiable data to give you a more accurate estimate. MyHomeValue™ can be used as a guide or as a basis for sales negotiations.

In the event that you are planning to sell your property, we’d also suggest that you engage a real estate agent in the valuation of your property in addition to the free property price estimate. Although we only offer pricing estimates, MyHomeValue™ would be able to recommend excellent agents in Singapore for your selling needs.